More Leisure Community Trust's vision is to encourage inclusive opportunities in sports and leisure activities. We will work closely with our partners to deliver a premium service at an affordable price encouraging more people to be more active more often. We aspire to meet health and social needs in a welcoming environment.


More Leisure Community Trust in partnership with West Lancashire Borough Council will work with the community and all relevant bodies to ensure that our actions lead to healthier more active lifestyles for the local community. 

  • We are committed to delivering a clean, safe, friendly environment for customers and staff 
  • We will continue to develop channel of communication to ensure the Trust is accessible and listens to service users 
  • We will regularly review all of our services and price structure 
  • We will work to meet national targets for healthier lifestyles and physical activity 


Key Current Objectives

The key core values and objectives of More Leisure Community Trust are: 

  • Independence 
  • Safety 
  • Mutual respect and integrity 
  • Challenging 
  • Foster achievement and fulfilment in leisure 
  • Continuous development 
  • To recruit new trustees 
  • To invest the surplus generated into: 
  • Mass participation event 
  • Project Manager 
  • Activity based outreach 
  • Match Funding (PCT)