Active West Lancs

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Active West Lancs Scheme

Active West Lancs gives people of all ages the opportunity to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Building on existing projects, this fully inclusive service includes health walks and community events, school activities, family workshops and after-school clubs, community gardening, a revamped 'activity referral' scheme, weight management courses, taster and physical activity sessions.

We run a wide range of activities across various settings such as leisure centres, community centres, parks and outdoor facilities, schools and community allotments in a bid to get our community more active.

School Activities

We have established links with 59 Primary Schools and 8 Secondary Schools within West Lancs enabling us to deliver physical activity and health promotion programmes to 4-16 year olds and their families. Health and Well Being Officers will deliver 12 week programmes of intervention through practical sessions and theory workshops.

Born to Move

Helping children to shape physical activity habits. Combining a motivating and scientifically proven mix of age-appropriate movement with music, these classes captivate toddlers through to teens and fuel a life- long love of physical activity along the way

Dr Feelwell

In Partnership with Mersey Care NHS Trust, school based Health and Well Being Officers will be delivering age appropriate health promotion messages using a digital platform - Dr Feelwell. Dr Feelwell is a simple yet powerful concept that allows key messages including Healthy Heart, Be Weight Wise, Health Eating and Get Active to be delivered to young people and their families

Fit Families

A programme that will encourage families to come together to learn and change habits and behaviour in order to lead more healthy, active lifestyles.

Healthy Weight Management

We can help and support you to develop healthier eating habits and make better choices whilst enjoying your food. We will look at finding the right balance designed for you, your health goals and your lifestyle.

12 Week Challenge

Group session which helps individuals encourage, motivate and learn from one another. We will discuss healthier eating, losing weight and understanding obstacles to achieving successful outcomes. Topics include physical activity, diet traps and sabotage, cravings, portion sizes, alcohol, pitfalls and peer pressure, comfort eating, weight loss plateau and maintenance. Food demos and guest speakers will also be included within the 12 week programme.

Eat Well 2 Lose

Learn how to cook and eat foods that support weight loss! These monthly sessions provide the latest information using the 'Eat Well' plate. All our Weight Management courses are run from local, accessible venues across the borough. 

Physical Activity

Being 'more active' benefits us in many ways! We have a variety of programmes that you can access to enable you to 'improve your health' in an environment that is suited to your needs!

Gym-Based Activity Referral

We will support you to make healthier lifestyle choices, set realistic goals, improve mobility and increase physical activity levels. We will provide you with a tailor made, personalised exercise programme and offer one to one consultations to monitor your progress and help you get the most out of the scheme. Six week and twelve week supported courses available.


Included in the 12 week programme including 'drop-in' supervised sessions. 

Health Walks

'let your feet hit the street 'by joining us for one of our weekly Health Walks from various locations across West Lancs. Aimed at beginners, these walks are 3-4 miles long and we welcome all to join us for a friendly, sociable stroll. Monthly 'extended walks' are also offered for those who welcome a challenge! 


we are looking to work in partnership to introduce weekly 'beginners bike rides' – check out the website for any updates!

Community Food Growing

Become more active and eat healthily by growing your own food! Get involved with community allotments and community farms. Help set-up new food growing sites or help improve existing ones! We work with local communities and schools to set-up community food growing initiatives. 

Building Blocks For a Healthy Future

Looks at giving expectant mums the time and space to improve their physical activity and how this relates to their bump and baby. Mums will be able to monitor their own strengths and barriers in changing circumstances. 

Mass Participation

A variety of organised events both inside the school setting and also community based! Our Physical Activity programmes take place across a variety of venues within the borough. 


Completed a Active West Lancs programme?

If you have successfully completed a programme following a referral from your GP, congratulations, you are now automatically eligible for a Leisure Card 1 which offers discounts for the gym, swimming and workout classes. Applications for Leisure Cards are undertaken through West Lancashire Borough Council, follow the link below to visit their website.