West Lancashire Community Leisure

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    Leisure Trust

    West Lancashire Community Leisure was formed in 2005, a company limited by guarantee.  The board of trustees is made up of volunteers keen to improve leisure provision in West Lancashire.

    West Lancashire Community Leisure exists to encourage inclusive opportunities in Sports and Leisure activities, working closely with our partners to deliver a premium service at an affordable price encouraging more people to be more active more often.

    We aspire to meet health and social needs in a welcoming environment, ranging from small community recreation centres to large multi-use state of the art leisure centres. We operate a social inclusive approach to ensure equality of opportunity for all sectors of our local communities and we openly value diversity so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of participating in sports and leisure activities.


    We will ensure that our actions lead to healthier more active life styles for the local community.

    • We are committed to delivering a clean, safe, friendly environment for customers and staff
    • We will continue to develop channel of communication to ensure the Trust is accessible and listens to service users
    • We will regularly review all of our services and price structure
    • We will work to meet National targets for healthier lifestyles and physical activity

    Neighbourhood Life

    Neighbourhood Life is our approach to helping ‘more people, become more active, more often’.  The 3 key areas of Neighbourhood Life enable us to focus our services on improving health and wellbeing, establishing our centres as community hubs and providing opportunities to participate in a range of sports.

    Health and Wellbeing
    We help local neighbourhoods and communities to improve their wellbeing through access to programmes of support that help them become more active, more often and to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

    We want our leisure centres to be community hubs, where you can participate in a range of physical and social activities. In addition to getting people more active to benefit their health, and teaching important life skills such as swimming, we also provide many other activities, such as helping older people to remain active and to socialise, activities for young people that they are interested in and providing opportunities for families to have fun together.

    We want to increase the opportunities for people to participate in a range of different sports. We work in partnership with National Governing Bodies to deliver programmes that make sport more accessible and fun for beginners or returners. We also work with local clubs to identify and develop local talent.