West Lancashire Leisure Access Card Membership

Great news – the Leisure Access Card can give residents in West Lancashire up to 50% discount on leisure activities.

Who can get the card and discounts?
Residents who live in West Lancashire, and if you meet any of the following criteria and can provide documentary evidence…

  • Unemployed: In receipt of Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) or Income Support (IS). Details needed: Letter outlining benefits (ESA/IS).
  • Registered Disabled: In receipt of Disability Living Allowance (DLA): Details needed: Letter from DLA.
  • High School Student: Age 11 - 16 years. Details needed: Birth Certificate.
  • College Student: Age 16 - 19 years. Details needed: Birth Certificate/College Document.
  • University Student: Age 19 - 25 years. Details needed: Birth Certificate/University Document.
  • Carer: In receipt of Carers Allowance (CA). Details needed: Letter outlining CA element on Universal Credit Award.
  • Aged +60yrs. Details needed: Birth Certificate/Driver's License/Passport.
  • In receipt of Universal Credit. Details needed: Online Universal Credit Statement.
  • In receipt of Free School Meals. Details needed: Official letter from school or Lancashire County Council.
  • In receipt of Housing Benefit: Details needed: Official letter with proof.
  • Armed Forces (Serving / Veteran). Details needed: Official letter with proof

How much is the card?
The card costs £2 annually.

What discounts do I get?
You can get a 50% discount on a whole range of activities including: Gym, Swimming, Badminton, Squash, and Health Suite.

Where can I use the card?
At all three West Lancashire Leisure Centres listed below, from when they open in the morning (please phone, or check the websites for exact opening times) through to 5pm Monday-Friday, and all day Saturday and Sunday.


Burscough Racquet & Fitness Centre
Bobby Langton Way,
Lancashire, L40 0SW
Tel: 01704 895 266
Contact us here


Nye Bevan Pool
The Concourse, Southway,
Skelmersdale, Lancashire, WN8 6LT
Tel: 01695 727 111
Contact us here


Park Pool
Park Road,
Lancashire, L39 3BY
Tel: 01695 576325
Contact us here

How do I get my card?

Simply bring the relevant proof of eligibility document/s – as shown above, in person, to any of the three sites above.

For security purposes and to prevent fraud you will be required to have your photo take at reception. Please refer to our data protection and privacy documents for more information

Pay just £2 for the card at reception (this is an annual fee).

We will then give you your card, or cards for you and your child/ren – and you can start using the facilities immediately – unless booking is required.

Further Information:

  • The card for the person/s using the facility must be produced at each visit.
  • The card is not transferable.
  • If a card holder is playing squash/badminton with a non-cardholder, the non-cardholder will be responsible for payment of full hire charge of the court.
  • Can’t download the form at home – no problem, please visit us in person and we can help you fill in a form.  

We look forward to seeing you soon, from all of us here at the Leisure Centre.